If you're looking to move your business into the future, a wine POS system could be just what you need. Studies show that 91 percent of consumers feel better about shopping in stores that can make the experience personal.

A wine POS system will allow you to develop a relationship with your customer that keeps them coming back. Designed to help wine shops expand and grow, a wine POS system will help you to spot trends, track inventory, and improve customer service.

Have a look at the list below to discover the top eight benefits of a wine store POS system that you need. 

1. Inventory Tracking Using a Wine POS

A wine POS system can help you keep track of what bottles are flying off the shelves, and which ones aren't.

Your POS system will automatically work to count what items are low in stock, selling well, and the ones that you have an overabundance of. 

This means you will never run out of your most popular wines, as you can keep track of when you need to restock. It might also help to influence what bottles you offer at a sale price in order to get your assets moving.

2. Keep Track of Your Customer Analytics

What wines do your customers buy on a Friday evening? Do they spend more on a Saturday or a Sunday? How can you make the most from quieter mid-week sales? What life events make them spend the most

Your wine POS system can answer all these questions by keeping track of customer analytics. It will keep a note of when you have the best sales on particular wines, and when you're business isn't meeting customer standards.

This information is hugely beneficial to any liquor store owner. With it, you can track the ways your customers spend and make informed decisions based on these analytics. 

3. Faster Transaction Speed

With a wine POS system, online orders from your webstore can be automatically scheduled and processed, reducing the burden on you and your staff. 

This kind of system also reduces the possibility of human error. This leaves transactions more accurate and will increase the speed of real-time transactions in your store.

A wine POS system also allows for the opportunity to introduce combined payment methods. If a customer arrives at your register and finds their card isn't working, you can help them by providing a range of options based on your POS system. 

Not only does this speed up transaction speed and increase efficiency, but it will also put a smile on your customer's face. 

4. Help With Employee Scheduling With Your Wine Store POS System 

With the right wine POS system, you'll be able to keep track of what employees are working and when. Some systems make use of a PIN code or username assigned individually to each employee. The employee uses this to clock in and out, and you can then keep track of who is on your team for the working day. 

You can also use your wine POS system to make any sudden changes to the daily employee schedule. No more worries over that dreaded early morning sick call, as you can quickly note and rearrange the schedule to suit your needs. 

Your employees themselves will benefit from this system too. They can keep track of their hours and what they should be paid. This results in fewer payslip accidents and more efficient management of your employees. 

5. Manage Pricing Changes

A wine POS system can offer you the chance to update and edit prices as you see fit. You may want to generate increased revenue by throwing a half-price sale on selected bottles.

In the past, you'd have had to go around every individual bottle changing the price. But with a convenient POS system, and the click of a few buttons, you can change the prices of all the bottles you want to and begin your sale with customers still in store.

You can also increase the prices of bottles that are doing particularly well, leaving you open to seeing higher profits. 

6. Ensure Your Customers' Data is Safe

Your POS system will make excellent use of customer data to bring you extra revenue. But does all this data sharing mean your customer or your business is at risk? 

Thankfully, the very opposite is true. A good point of sale system will work to lock your customers' data so that you only have the access to it that you need. It will also ensure nothing is shared that shouldn't be, keeping your customers safe and offering you peace of mind as a business owner. 

7. Generate Sales Reports

Your POS system will offer you the chance to build business reports based on your needs.

This could be a record of income, what days of the week you are seeing the most business, and what your most popular items are. Doing this allows you to make informed decisions about the direction your wine store is going in. 

You'll have accurate and date-recorded information available to you at the touch of a button. Your wine POS system will make sure your business is able to do the best that it can through detailed and reliable sales reports.

8. Engage With Your Customers

A wine POS system will let you keep track of the customers who are loyal to your business. You can make note of what type of wine they buy most frequently, and engage their interests with coupons and offers.

This keeps a dedicated clientele at your door and can bring further business to your store based on customer recommendations. 

Customers love returning to a business that knows them and their needs. With a wine POS system, you can make sure you make your loyal customers your top priority, and can continue to win them over

A Wine POS System Will Grow Your Business

With the right wine POS system, you'll be able to develop relationships with your regular customers, promote specific items, and bring increased profits to your liquor store.

There are a lot of choices for wine POS systems on the market right now. But as long as they meet the criteria above, you can't go wrong with the solution you choose.

For even more information about the best wine store POS system for you, or to check out our in-house solution Bottle POS, schedule a live software demo. You'll be able to have any and all queries answered, and get further advice from our experts!

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Gina Obert
Post by Gina Obert
June 22, 2022