8 Ways to Build Your Liquor Store's Online Presence

Dan Albrecht
Post by Dan Albrecht
August 3, 2022
8 Ways to Build Your Liquor Store's Online Presence

Using digital marketing strategies and other helpful resources, you can boost your liquor store’s online visibility. Increased visibility translates to more traffic to your business website, and ultimately, to more sales. With an improved online presence, you can enhance your online reputation and in-person sales. Use the following eight tips and strategies to improve your online presence and generate more success for your liquor store enterprise.

Enhance Your Website with E-commerce Functionality

Does your liquor store sell products online? You can boost your business by adding e-commerce functionality to your current website; or, you can overhaul your website to improve its overall appearance and function. Your website is your liquor store’s online hub. All of your digital marketing efforts can point to your site, helping you create a more robust online presence.

If your current website isn’t designed for making sales, take steps to add this functionality. It can boost traffic to your website and increase your profit margin. 

Optimize Your Website

If your liquor store’s website isn’t SEO-friendly, it’s not doing your business any favors. SEO, or search engine optimization, involves a wide range of measures that SEO specialists take in order to improve a company’s online presence. Much of that effort is spent on the business website. Because SEO involves many technical measures, you may wish to contract with an SEO specialist for services.

Good SEO measures include ensuring the website’s loading speed meets Google’s recommended speeds and also performing other necessary technical services. A website that's optimized for mobile and local searches can also enhance your liquor store's SEO and, consequently, its online visibility. 

Develop an Email List

An email list is essentially a customer and potential customer list. When you have an email list, you can message your customers about upcoming promotions and events. Email marketing is a tried-and-true method of effective digital marketing. Be sure that your website entices visitors to sign up for your email list. Offer customers digital coupons, for instance, if they sign up. Email marketing is a powerful tool that you want to rely on. It’s easier to attract current customers to your website and store than to find brand new customers. Although you don’t want to overdo it with emails, be sure that you use email marketing to stay connected with your customer base.

Establish Social Media Accounts

Your customers are on social media networks like Facebook and Instagram. Are you? Be sure that your digital marketing plan includes social media management. Once you establish your social media presence, you can connect with customers in many different ways. You can post information about new products or announce special sales and incentives. Social media can help you boost your online presence and engage your current customer base.

Create Content

Content involves text, videos, images — all the material that you post online. But first, you have to create this content. Why? You can boost your online presence and make it easier for local customers to find your business by publishing content on your website. Create a blog, for instance, that offers content like product reviews or industry news. The more quality content you publish, the more likely your website will demonstrate itself to be an authority in your field. This, along with other SEO measures, can improve your search engine rank, ensuring that customers find you online before they find your competitors.

Test Online Ads

Your liquor store can also experiment with various types of online ads to promote its brands and products online. Use search engine ads as well as social media ads to reach your target audience. Try pay-per-click ads and take care to measure their success. What types of ads work best for your business? Which ones aren’t working? Choose ad formats that work well for your business.

Many liquor stores and wine shops consult with digital marketing professionals about running online ads and managing digital marketing campaigns. Keep in mind that you can market with online ads even if you have a small marketing budget. As your ads drive success, you can steer more of your marketing dollars their way. 

Measure Your Performance

Just as you take care to measure the performance of your online advertising campaigns, be sure that you measure other aspects of your online presence. You can use Google Analytics, for example, to measure traffic to your website. By monitoring your online success, you can keep it growing by revamping measures that aren’t working well and redoubling your efforts with measures that are working well to drive traffic to your website. 

Sync Your E-commerce Site with POS System

When you adopt a tech-savvy POS system, you can sync it with your business e-commerce site to manage your entire inventory. Improved management of your online platform as well as your brick-and-mortar store gives you better control over your entire operation. Many liquor stores and other small and medium businesses are upgrading to digital point of sale systems that have more more user-friendly automated tools. In fact, you can use your POS system to manage many of your online marketing efforts, including your email marketing and social media posts.

Choosing a POS System for Your Liquor Store

Bottle POS specializes in point of sale hardware and software solutions for liquor stores and wine shops. In fact, these systems are bespoke liquor industry solutions that we can customize just for your business. Our POS system offers solutions like automated inventory management, advanced marketing functionality, remote access, customer rewards and loyalty programs, and much more. 

Don’t wait to explore our POS system to find out how it can help you grow your business and support your online marketing efforts. With its powerful integrated solutions, our POS system will help you manage your operation and marketing initiatives all from one convenient platform. Schedule a live software demo today!

Dan Albrecht
Post by Dan Albrecht
August 3, 2022