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Our point of sale software simplifies sales tracking, inventory management, and more. Save time by eliminating manual labor related to admin tasks and reduce credit card fees by thousands of dollars. 

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Accepts Debit and Credit Card Payments

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Charlie's II — Georgia


Sauce Monkey — South Carolina

Steins and Vines

Steins & Vines — Colorado

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Bottle POS was designed to be smart and simple. Instead of having hundreds of features that liquor store owners won't use, we concentrate on the features that really make a difference.

Automate Invoicing

This customer-favorite feature eliminates the manual labor involved in adding and updating items to inventory upon arrival.

Auto Ranking

Through automation and AI you and your employees can quickly and efficiently know which products are best sellers, and which need help moving off your shelves.

Centralized Database

Bottle POS supplies common liquor information such as name, category, and more. We onboard new liquor stores constantly, having this feature makes it easier than ever to switch to our smart liquor point of sale software. 

Simple Interface

Business moves quickly, and your liquor store needs a POS that is simple to learn and use. Our interface makes transactions easy for employees and fast for customers. 

Customer Rewards and Loyalty

Our customer loyalty program is simple to implement. Your customers simply enter their phone number at any point in the transaction to rack up points and redeem rewards. On your end, you collect valuable customer contact information and sales history. 

Not Just Another POS System...

Made for Liquor Store Owners, by a Liquor Store Owner

Bottle POS serves as a complete point of sale system to keep your business on track.


Our Story

Bottle POS was created and designed by liquor store owners to tackle the day-to-day challenges of running their stores.

Our Vision

Our primary focus is automation. We believe you should spend less time in your POS software and more time with your customers and business.



By using the latest in cutting-edge technology, we are able to simplify and automate daily store operations to free up time for better things.