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Liquor Store Point of Sale System

With hundreds of liquor store owners trusting Bottle POS to run and grow their business, we offer an all-in-one liquor store point of sale system.

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Features Built for Your Liquor Store

Built With the Automation, AI, and Features Your Liquor Store Needs To Make Better Business Decisions

Bottle POS Offers a Best-in-Class Liquor Point of Sale Solution
Tap Into Our Database new
Tap Into Our Database

Liquor stores have hundreds or even thousands of individual SKUs in stock at a single time. Bottle POS keeps a centralized database of common products to make updating inventory a breeze.

Know Which Vodkas are Selling and Which Aren't
Know Which Vodkas are Selling and Which Aren't

Quickly identify which brands drive your sales vs. which are over stocked or dead stock. Bottle POS auto-ranking grades all of your items on an A-B-C-D scale and color codes them based on sale patterns. Other critical reports include day reports, sales reports, and item not found reports to make analysis simple.

Inventory Receiving Made Automatic
Automate Receiving Inventory

Close the loop on inventory control. Bottle POS auto invoicing saves liquor store owners hours of manual data entry every week. When inventory arrives at the store, the invoice is automatically imported so you just have to review and finalize.  See it in action.

Offer Customers Dual Pricing Options
Offer Customers Dual Pricing Options

With built-in dual pricing, also known as cash discounting, customers can receive a percentage off their purchase if they choose to pay with cash instead of credit card. Those who choose to pay with credit, automatically absorb the associated payment, meaning less fees towards your bottom line. 

247 Inventory Management, Anywhere
24/7 Inventory Management, Anywhere

Stock levels updates and adding inventory can be done anytime, anywhere. With options from your POS, back office, and mobile device, you can conduct business no matter where you are. 

Reducing Shrinkage and Loss
Reducing Shrinkage and Loss

It's one of the downsides of being a small business owner, but every retailer deals with it: inventory shrinkage. Instead of accidentally accusing an innocent employee or keeping a constant eye on your store, utilize POS transaction recordings and in-store security footage to deter shrinkage. 

Pour on The Customer Rewards
Pour on The Customer Rewards

The best customer is a return customer! With out of the box loyalty and rewards built in to Bottle POS, ensure your customers return again and again to make purchases are your liquor store.

Make Sales Online
Make Sales Online

Bottle POS includes a free e-commerce webstore, so you can take advantage of online ordering to drive even more sales. Integrated 3rd party delivery is also available for liquor store owners who want to provide door-to-door service for their customers. See BottleZoo in action.

Marketing Your Promotions
Marketing Your Promotions

Utilize SMS marketing and Google search marketing through a free integration with Pointy to share your newest bottles and latest deals.

Why Bottle POS?

Bottle POS is designed specifically for liquor stores!

In addition to basic POS system features, we developed features that help tackle wine shop challenges like inventory control and invoicing.


Liquor Store Point of Sale Systems

Here's a collection of frequently asked questions from liquor store owners like you!

What’s the most useful feature of your liquor store POS software?

Hands down it is the tandem of auto ranking liquor store inventory, auto generating POs, and auto invoicing received shipments. This combination saves hours of manual labor weekly for Bottle POS liquor customers. 

I have thousands of items in stock, how can I get my existing inventory into Bottle POS?

We offer a centralized database of more than 20,000 liquor products. They include common information like name, categories, and more!

What does your POS system come with?

Our liquor POS comes with standard retail POS hardware including a touchscreen computer, cash drawer, barcode scanner, and receipt printer.

Barcode label printers are also popular for printing custom shelf tags and labels for non-barcoded items. Other popular items include a customer display to get customers in your loyalty program and highlight the price of each product rung up.

Can your point of sale system verify my customers are 21?

Yes. Many customers prefer upgrading scanners to an ID verification scanner to reduce the risk of accepting a fake ID.

I know your point of sale can make my business more efficient, but can it help me grow?

Streamlined operations are an obvious plus, but with built-in customer loyalty, text messaging, ecommerce, and free gift card processing, your liquor store POS can help with your marketing functions as well.

In addition, pre-built and custom reporting options means you can analyze customer behavior to further drive sales, reduce costs, and grow your business. 


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Bottle POS was designed to be smart and simple. Instead of having hundreds of features that liquor store owners won't use, we concentrate on the features that really make a difference.