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Liquor POS Software Demo

Why Bottle POS?

Bottle POS is designed to be smart and simple.

Instead of having hundreds of features that no one uses, we concentrate on things that really make a difference.

We pay attention to the small details that make life easier for staff and simplify routine tasks.

Inventory Management

With our automatic invoice processing, you won’t have to do all the manual labor of adding and updating items on arrival.


Get the right information at the right time. With a simple and easy-to-use interface, you’ll be able to get the information you’re looking for in seconds.


Keep track of customer contact information by collecting email or address information for marketing.


Keep track of all your expenses in one place. You can filter data by categories and vendors to easily record all your expenses.


Add and modify items. With our central database, you don’t have to enter certain fields like name, size, or category for a majority of items.

POS Sales

Search through previous sales and easily find a specific sale based on date, time, or other criteria.

The Smart Liquor Software

Bottle auto invoicing feature
Bottle point of sale screen
Bottle Sales and Auto Ranking