Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are the top questions liquor store owners are asking, answered by our Bottle POS system experts. 

Do you guys import our data from existing POS?
Yes, if you can generate a CSV file from your current POS with the UPC or barcode field, then we can import the data right into our system.
Can you clean up names and other common fields from my old system data?
Yes, we can replace the name, size, category, etc. from our central database.
I already have a POS system. Do I need to buy new hardware?
In most cases, no. Our system works right out of a chrome browser (thick client also available). We do highly recommend a touchscreen if you do not have one already.
Does the system work on iPads?
You will be able to use our back office on an iPad. However, for the POS screen, we currently do not support printers or cash drawers on iPad. We can support Microsoft tablets (such as the Surface lineup).

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