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Bottle POS Hardware Bundle

Our experience working exclusively with liquor store owners has allowed us to refine our bundle to exactly what you need to run and scale your business.


Touch PCs

Also known as a touchscreen POS, terminal or an all-in-one (AIO), a touch PC is a variation of a desktop computer. Touch PCs include all of the traditional elements of a desktop computer, with the addition of a touch screen monitor.

Touch PCs allow you and your staff to tap the screen to complete transactions and access both point of sale features and back office functionality.


Receipt Printer

Most customers want a record of their transaction once completed. Bottle POS hardware bundles include receipt printers to accommodate just that. Integrated receipt printers spit out a paper record of completed purchases. There are several variants of receipt printers available on the market. Contact us if you'd like to discuss additional options!


Barcode Scanner

Odds are your business is filled with products with an affixed barcode. A barcode scanner can be either wired or wireless devices that read these printed barcodes.


Cash Drawer

Even though POS technology continues to evolve, the one component which remains the same is a cash drawer. Simply put, it is a metal drawer that is used to store cash. 



If you're accepting credit or debit card payments your store needs a pinpad, which is why it's a part of our standard bundle. Pinpads are a way to electronically accept these payment methods in-store. 

Liquor Store Hardware Extras

Already got the basics covered and looking to add some peripherals? Here is a selection of the most popular liquor store hardware add-on devices. 


Label Printers

Label printers fulfill a variety of needs at a liquor store. This includes printing customer barcodes for one-off inventory, shelf labels, and miscellaneous business needs. 


Customer Displays

Also known as a customer monitor, this is a customizable touch screen that faces towards your customer during a transaction. It is often used to allow customer inputs—such as a phone number to participate in a rewards program—advertising, and a way to have the customer follow the progress of their transaction. 


Wireless Pinpad

This device includes all the capabilities of a traditional pinpad, helping you to accept credit and debit card payments. Sometimes, a wireless version may be best suited for your store compared to a wired version. 


Surveillance Camera

Whether as a deterrent to theft or a way to have eyes on your store when you can't be there, a surveillance camera is often recommended for package stores. These devices give a real time feed of activity within your liquor store. 

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