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7 Tips on Finding the Best Wine Point of Sale Solution

Are you starting your own liquor and wine store? Do you already sell wine and are interested in upgrading your existing wine point of sale system? If so, you've come to the right place by reading this article. 

Make sure you're investing in the ideal software solution for your business. There are a lot of wine POS systems out there that can be difficult to navigate.

After all, the wine industry itself was worth over $339 billion in 2020 on a global scale. Staying competitive in such a vast industry means you need to invest in the right tools and resources. Keep reading, then, for the top seven things to remember when searching for wine POS system options. 

1. Evaluate the User Interface

One of the first things you'll notice when considering a new wine point of sale system is the user interface. How easy is the system to navigate? What components are you most interested in featuring for your POS system?

It might be a good idea to start by considering the needs of your wine operation itself. Your business might thrive with a POS system that can work with a manageable online store, for instance. Perhaps you need a point of sale solution that can encompass both customer management and employee management well. 

Your potential point of sale system solution provider should hopefully have some sort of demo you can play around with. You'll want the customer-facing interface to be as simple and sensible as possible. This is also true, though, of the employee-facing side. 

In addition, is there a way to build in some of your business' branding into the interface — such as when receipts are printed? If it's possible, this could be a great way to stand out ahead of any local market competitors. 

2. Deep Dive into the Inventory Management System

After evaluating the front of the new potential POS system, it's time to think about the back end. What are your needs for a functional and useful inventory management system?

A proper point of sale system worth investing in has all of the bells and whistles to track and calculate your wine inventory at any given time. In the past, this part of any business operation was done by hand. Now, a reputable business owner like you shouldn't have to.

Instead of manually entering new inventory when it arrives at the shop, your POS system should be able to have automatic updates. It might take time to get used to this new system and set it up. Still, your ideal point of sale system should be able to upload new inventory invoices as soon as they're sent your way.

3. Research Multiple Possible Wine POS Systems

Another key piece of advice when you're looking for a new wine POS system is to research more than one before signing any contract. For one thing, you'll want to work with a POS system provider who excels in their customer service department. In addition, it's wise to research the different software features each potential service provider advertises. 

Take the time to check for online reviews or talk with existing customers of a potential service provider. Reading online reviews could provide essential insight into what kind of experience you can expect when working with that company, too. It could also help with comparing POS system costs.

4. Consider Integration Options

As your business grows, your POS solution features should be able to keep up. That's why a point of sale system that easily integrates with third parties is so crucial for you to have.

Be willing to ask your potential service provider what API integration capabilities their software can provide your business. For example, would it be possible to have connections to your business' social media accounts to boost marketing and promotion?

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5. Your Wine Point of Sale System Should Be Compliant

Selling wine is not always as easy as selling non-alcoholic products such as jewelry or clothing. Instead, you have to consider state-by-state alcohol regulations for your business operations. So, your point of sale system should be able to accommodate any state-specific laws that apply to your area. 

For further details, check out the website of the United States Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. They've gathered the resources for you to know how to navigate the national alcohol regulations

6. What Kind of Hardware Will Be Needed?

If you already have worked with a point of sale system that needs to be replaced, you might have hardware on hand. This would include examples like tablets that could work with more than one kind of software system. 

It's important, then, to ensure you have the space to house whatever kind of system hardware you'll need for your new POS system. In some cases, you might be able to work with your new POS software provider to see if they're flexible with what kind of hardware would be needed. On the other hand, many hardware add-ons are necessary to get the most out of your point of sale solution — so don't expect every piece of hardware you already have to be a good fit.

Finally, how will the system be accessed from the back end? Will you need to invest in a personal computer to make checking in easier? Asking these questions well in advance will help you budget for your new POS system, too. 

7. How Is Customer Relationship Management?

It's no secret that your customers are the lifeline of your business' success. Have you thought about how your wine point of sale system could encourage return business from customers?

A top-of-the-line point of sale system will be able to integrate a customer loyalty program, for instance. Built-in rewards and discounts (as long as they're legal and compliant) will encourage repeat business and loyalty to your business as a whole. 

Find Your Ideal Wine Point of Sale System Today

With the above advice, you should have all of the knowledge you need to find the best wine point of sale system for your needs. It's true that there are a lot of wine POS systems to choose from. That's where we can come into play. 

In fact, we encourage you to browse through the rest of our website today. To learn more about our liquor-specific POS solution, start by scheduling a live demo!

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