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How Selling Liquor Online Can Boost Your Business

Ready to scale your small liquor business?

It’s time to start selling your products online.

Savvy business owners know how to take advantage of the latest trends in order to take their business to the next level.

Here are five brilliant ways selling liquor online can boost your business.

Keep Your Customer Experience Convenient

With e-commerce, convenience is king. 

Customers are looking for the business that can provide the most seamless and efficient shopping experience possible. Many people are now accustomed to shopping for everyday necessities from the comfort of their own homes. Around 80 percent of American consumers shop online, and that percentage is expected to surge further in the next few years.

The liquor industry is taking full advantage, so make sure your products are easily accessible to buy on your website. Potential customers should be able to view your entire inventory at a glance, or search for a specific brand of rum — they might be more likely to “add to cart,” especially if you set a minimum purchase price for free shipping.

And if a buyer searches the internet for a fresh bottle of gin, your store could pop up on Google — particularly if your website has a promotional integration like Pointy. They might be simply online window shopping, but if you offer a superior product at a premium price and you’re a top result, you could win their business.

Reach a Larger Audience

Setting up shop online offers many more advantages than strictly selling your products in-store — you can reach a much broader audience via the web.

Having an on-site store is important for building relationships through face-to-face interaction, but as a small business, it’s important to take advantage of all possibilities to help scale your business. 

Maybe you offer a particular bourbon that entices customers outside of your local area — you can still become their go-to liquor store. Or maybe they finish up their last drop of whiskey after hours. If your products are available for purchase online, they can buy a new bottle right then and there.

Selling your liquor online opens up opportunities for sales outside of store hours (and doors).

Maximize Your Marketing Strategy

One of the best ways selling liquor online boosts your business? It gives you the opportunity to amp up your marketing efforts.

Gathering contact information at checkout — like email addresses and phone numbers — is the perfect way to set up a strong customer loyalty program. Prompt your buyers to subscribe to your newsletter and direct them to your website through exclusive promotions and discounts via email and text. Try a 30 percent discount off of a pint of whiskey, or use mix and match pricing to bundle a few bottles of bourbon. 

Draw your customers into your online liquor store with content marketing, too. Write informational blogs about the top 10 best-tasting bottles of tequila, or post recipes that use the liquor you sell and link directly to the product page. This might help attract customers who may never have otherwise learned of your business — and if they’re happy with their experience, you could become their new go-to liquor store.

And not only is online marketing highly productive, it’s affordable — be sure to take advantage.

Track Data and Buying Behavior

Knowing what products are selling — and when they’re selling — is important information for liquor store owners because it allows you to serve your customers in the best way possible. 

Do your online buyers gravitate toward Tito’s or Smirnoff? Captain Morgan or Bacardi? Stock the bestsellers. Do you sell more product on Wednesdays or Saturdays? Run promotions and ads on the days that you’ll get the most bang for your buck. You can also use this information to make product recommendations to returning customers. Have a solid list of tequila lovers? Make sure they know about the latest mezcal launch in an email send.

Tracking customer data and behavior gives you the information you need to make informed decisions about inventory, marketing, and more — using an e-commerce platform makes this information easily accessible, so you can boost all areas of your business.

Cut Down on Operational Costs

As a small business, it can be difficult to scale your operations when you have limited resources — selling your liquor online saves you a considerable amount of time and money. You can sell significantly more product without hiring extra hands or opening additional stores. 

A liquor-specific point of sale system like Bottle POS, with an integrated e-commerce website, helps you automate important aspects of your business — it uses a centralized database of over 20,000 inventory items to build an online store automatically populated with everything from product description to category to image. 

You can also set up automatic reorders based on inventory levels, cutting hours of manual labor.

Get Started Selling Liquor Online With BottleZoo

Small businesses thrive by building relationships with their customers in-store — it’s an important part of providing a personalized shopping experience. But if you’re ready to amp up your operations and scale your business, it’s time to set up your online liquor store.

With BottleZoo by Bottle POS, you can get your webstore up and running with a seamless integration into your liquor point of sale system. Schedule a demo with one of our specialists today.

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