3 Unique Ideas To Help Boost Liquor Sales

Liquor store owners face an uphill battle when it comes to clever promotions to boost liquor sales. You’ve hosted tasting events, and you’re probably tired of brainstorming wine pairings. So, what’s next?

If you’re ready to think outside of the box, we’ve got three tips that’ll bring customers to your store in droves.

1. Host Customized Gift Basket Events

A great way to boost liquor sales is to put together a gift basket event at your store. Customers can choose from a selection of pre-made liquor baskets or create their own by selecting from a large variety of different products, like mixers or paired snacks. 

This can be a great way to appeal to customers who are looking for a unique gift for a special occasion – or who want to participate in a fun and crafty activity on a night off! 

Struggling to brainstorm gift basket combinations? Consider the following: 

  • Mind-Blowing Martini: A bottle of your favorite gin or vodka, dry vermouth, stuffed olives, lemons, crackers and cheese, and cocktail glasses.  
  • Best at Brunch: Vodka, tomato juice, orange juice (or your favorite fruit juice), a celery/lime/lemon garnish, fresh fruit, and instant pancake mix. 
  • You get the idea… from a wine night basket to a brandy bucket spread, get creative, and don’t be afraid to go crazy! 

2. Partner with Local Restaurants for Classes and Workshops 

A great way to excite your clientele and strengthen your bonds with your community is to tag team liquor store classes and workshops with other local small businesses. Classes and workshops are an excellent way to increase sales, educate customers, and introduce them to their new favorite product. 

For example, are you thinking of organizing a cocktail-making event? Partner with a local bakery to supply snacks and food that will pair well with the drinks. Co-host the event with your business partner (or partner business?), with representatives from both participating businesses recommending specific products to customers. Make sure your partnership is the gift that keeps on giving – your liquor store can offer special deals or discounts to customers who present a receipt from the partnering restaurant, and vice versa. 

Having doubts about implementing special deals or discounts using your current customer service hardware and software? Consider upgrading to a liquor-specific point of sale system – many, including Bottle POS, come with baked-in customer loyalty programs that allow you to customize your shoppers’ deals and coupons. 

Offer Liquor Delivery Services

Online shopping is at the forefront of consumer culture these days, and customers love to have their items delivered directly to their doorstep. By offering delivery, you’ll be able to take your liquor store to the next level — reaching a much larger audience, and boosting sales. 

A webstore may seem daunting, but a liquor POS system will make it as easy as pushing a button. For example, Bottle POS offers a free e-commerce integration, BottleZoo, through which your in-stock products appear on customers’ Google searches for your package store. 

When your buyer has finished the sale from the comfort of their couch, the sale will be noted on your store’s POS, and you and your employees can fulfill the order via pickup or delivery. And don’t worry about how to provide your door-to-door service – BottleZoo integrates easily with third-party delivery services like DoorDash. 

Boosting Liquor Sales at Your Store

These unique marketing tips can expand your clientele and boost your small business’ liquor sales. If you’re worried about your return on investment – that the time, money, and effort needed to implement these promotion techniques outweigh the benefits – we have a solution for you. 

A liquor-specific POS system can provide baked-in customer loyalty programs, complete and customizable webstores, and everything in between – Bottle POS, for example, offers features covering inventory control to employee management.

So, are you ready to take your liquor store to the next level? Schedule a free demo with our team today!

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