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Liquor Store POS Feature: Marketing, E-commerce, BOPIS, and Delivery

Our solution allows your in-stock products to show up right on Google. Once customers find you, they can shop online via your Bottle POS-provided e-commerce website to complete a sale without ever leaving their home. You and your employees receive the sale at your business' POS and can fulfill the order for pick up or delivery.

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BottleZoo by Bottle POS provides integrated marketing, an e-commerce website, and various options for fulfillment. 



Tired of missing out on online sales?

Worried that managing ecommerce for your liquor store is just too much work?

Introducing BottleZoo.

BottleZoo is an instant ecommerce solution that allows you to have an online store without all the extra work.

Your website is equipped with real time inventory, online ordering, and pick up or delivery options!

It even comes with over 20,000 product images and descriptions, so your online store can look great on day 1.

BottleZoo integrates seamlessly with your point-of-sale system.

By integrating BottleZoo with your point-of-sale system, you and your employees can be alerted to new online orders - including whether they need to be ready for pick up or delivery. You can finally reach new online customers without managing an entirely separate system!

Expanding your store online just got a whole lot easier…with BottleZoo.

BottleZoo by Bottle POS

Our point of sale system includes an integrated e-commerce website for free!

How does BottleZoo help me with marketing for my business?

BottleZoo by Bottle POS leverages Google's Pointy integration. This free tool reads your inventory, and based on UPC codes, promotes your products through local Google searches. 

For example, if someone searches "Jack Daniel's near me", it will promote your store's inventory to local searches. 

BottleZoo goes a step further — taking the inventory that the store has on hand, and automatically creating an online store including product name, description, size, category, and image. We utilize our own centralized database so you don't need to lift a finger!

How does buy online pick up in store (BOPIS) and delivery work with BottleZoo?

Your customers can purchase through your BottleZoo-powered website in one of three ways:

First, the customer can select in-store pick up. The order is pushed to the POS system and notifies the store owner.

The second way customers can order is by selecting delivery and the store can provide their own delivery service.

Finally, your customers can order through the website and it can be delivered through the DoorDash integration.

Regardless of ordering method, your store can pass any markups or delivery charges to the customer.

How much does BottleZoo cost?

An integrated e-commerce website with Bottle POS is completely free. 

If you choose, you can upgrade your e-commerce site for $50/month, which includes a personalized URL and customizable colors and logos.