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Top Liquor Inventory Software Solutions for 2023

Are your inventory processes out of date? I’m guessing you don’t still use flip phones or tape decks. If your inventory software solution is just as outdated — or if you aren’t using a formal inventory software solution at all — it might be time for an upgrade. 

Many liquor store owners open their shops planning to rely on pen-and-paper inventory processes. With the huge array of products available in most liquor stores, and as sales increase and your store grows, you’ll likely find out quickly that this solution is inefficient and error-prone. 

The right inventory software solution can be a game-changer, making it easier to keep track of inventory, automate ordering, and improve overall business operations.

This post will cover what to look for when selecting liquor inventory software. We’ll also cover our top picks for the best liquor inventory software on the market. By the end of this post, you'll better understand why liquor inventory management is essential for your business and how to choose the right software for your needs. 


Benefits of Using Liquor Inventory Software 

Managing inventory is essential for any business, but any package store owner knows how complex and time-consuming these processes can be. Enter: liquor inventory software.

Using dedicated software to manage inventory for your liquor store, you can streamline your inventory management processes and tap into real-time insights when making key decisions for your business. With the right inventory software solution, you’ll never need to wonder what products to stock, when to reorder, or how much stock to carry.

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What benefits can you enjoy when you invest in inventory management software? Let’s look at a few:

  • Barcode scanning capabilities: Tracking inventory by barcode with custom labels can help you save time and reduce errors during inventory counts.
  • Point of sale (POS) integration: Integrating inventory into your POS can give you additional visibility into your stock levels and your sales patterns. 
  • Real-time reporting: Access to real-time data helps you make better decisions regarding your stock. 

Liquor stores also face some unique challenges regarding inventory management. When selecting an inventory software solution for your store, you need to find one with key features like case-break inventory, cash discounting features, and more. 

It can be challenging to find the right liquor management software for your store, but when you implement the best solution for you, you can avoid the pitfalls of poor inventory management and enjoy a smoother-running, more profitable liquor store. 

Epos Now

Epos Now is a customizable, multi-channel-ready POS system. They specialize in retail solutions but also support hospitality industry customers such as bakeries, bars, hotels, and more.

Epos Now offers features every liquor store owner needs from their inventory software solution, including the ability to import and edit new products with a few clicks, automated purchase orders, and features that easily identify underperforming stock.

Pricing: Starting at $99.

POS Nation 

POS Nation offers an incredible point of sale solution for liquor stores, including hardware and software packed with features to simplify liquor inventory. When you partner with POS Nation, you’ll get a custom solution designed specifically for your store. 

Some of the features POS Nation offers include integrated payment processing, 24/7 technical support, loss prevention, and real-time reporting. 

Flexible payment processing, case break inventory features, and more ensure that POS Nation can help your store get the functionality you need from your inventory software solution.


Receive a custom price based on your store’s needs using their custom pricing tool.

Paladin Point of Sale 

Paladin is best known for offering point of sale solutions to hardware and lumber stores, but they also offer a top-tier retail solution. Paladin’s expedited checkout and customer loyalty features can help you win over customers and grow your store.

Paladin also offers an inventory software solution that helps you analyze sales patterns, discover trends, and use this data to forecast potential product demand. 

You can also use Paladin’s inventory management tools to automate inventory management processes, and you can use their integration with Watcher Total Protection to help guard against shrinkage. 


Pricing for Paladin is available by custom quote only.

Bottle POS 

Bottle POS not only offers a retail point of sale solution — we offer a point of sale and inventory management system designed specifically for liquor stores!

Our all-in-one system provides a variety of features to help your store crush its inventory processes and succeed in the marketplace. Our inventory features allow you to accurately count cases, kegs, and individual bottles. Some of the features we offer our clients include vital liquor inventory functionality like:

  • Auto invoicing and stock management
  • E-commerce through BottleZoo
  • Age verification
  • Extensive product catalog
  • Inventory, product, and sales reports

We also provide a unique automatic ranking process. This process combines AI with sales data to automatically rank and color code your best-selling products. Armed with this data, you can make your business and ordering decisions with ease. 


You can build and price your perfect system using our Build and Price calculator.

mPower Beverage 

mPower Beverage is another liquor-specific point of sale provider. mPower offers intelligent ordering features. Using these features, your store can easily review your stock and sales history while creating your purchase orders. 

mPower also integrates with barcode scanners and Windows tablets, allowing you to accurately count and track inventory while away from the register or computer. mPower’s automatic reporting features provide you with vital reports such as supply on hand, case deal, and more. 


mPower offers a monthly subscription starting at $1,000 upfront and an additional $120 monthly for your first register. Additional registers and locations will impact your fees. 


Initially famous for its highly portable credit card readers, Square offers a wide variety of point of sale solutions for retail businesses, restaurants, and more. Square specializes in flexible solutions that work well for multi-location businesses looking for an all-in-one POS system. 

Square’s inventory management features enable you to track inventory with ease. You can also create automatic purchase orders to fire when the stock of a best-selling product begins to get low. Square offers many other tools, including e-commerce, customer loyalty, and the processing of gift cards. 


Square Plus starts at $60 per month, per location. You must also pay processing fees of 2.5% plus ten cents for each in-person purchase. 


Comcash offers point of sale software designed specifically for retail stores, features like mobile inventory, e-commerce, customer loyalty program features, and more. 

Some Comcash features that liquor store owners may enjoy include a mobile inventory scanner that allows you to perform a count without any manual data entry, a user-friendly, Android-based interface, and a modern touchscreen menu that allows you to easily select non-barcoded items at the checkout.


Comcash offers a pricing tool that lets you create your own custom solution. 


Choosing the Best Liquor Inventory Software For Your Business 

By examining the features and pricing of each solution listed in this post, you should have all the information you need to make an informed decision about the best liquor inventory software solution for your business. 

Bottle POS might be the right software for your business if you are interested in an all-in-one smart inventory and point of sale solution designed specifically with liquor store owners in mind.

To see how our solution can help you easily manage inventory and increase your sales and profitability, check out our free demo today!