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RECAP: The Best Alcohol Marketing Campaigns in 2022 with Examples

Alcohol brands are vying to capture consumers' attention and stand out. Some brands have stepped up to the plate, creating innovative and unforgettable campaigns that have captivated audiences worldwide.

In the past year alone, alcohol brands have upped their game with some of the most captivating and attention-grabbing marketing campaigns yet. From guerrilla marketing strategies to unique post-pandemic partnerships, these campaigns have redefined what it means to be successful in today’s market. 

We will dive into the most exciting alcohol marketing campaigns of 2022, analyzing the strategies and tactics that made them so effective. We’ll provide a behind-the-scenes look at how these campaigns were created and executed.

Grab a drink and join us for our round-up of the best alcoholic marketing campaigns in 2022! 

A Taste of Success: Examining 2022’s Most Effective Marketing Campaigns

A quick note before we start. Responsible alcohol marketing involves promoting your product in a legal, ethical, and socially responsible way. And always prioritize the safety and well-being of your customers and the community when developing marketing campaigns.

That said, there were some exciting and clever marketing campaigns in 2022 that you can draw inspiration from. You’ll notice that the best marketing campaigns speak to their target audience and highlight a clear brand identity.

The content, whether written or visual, is compelling and concise, and you can guarantee that large marketing departments spend hundreds of hours analyzing results. You might not have their budget or personnel, but taking inspiration doesn’t mean you need to copy these campaigns.

Put your own spin on these ideas and start attracting your ideal customers today!

1.  #LooksLikeGuinness - Guinness

Did you know that 7.3 million liters of Guinness are consumed on St. Patrick’s Day alone? This popular Irish beer has legions of fans, and this commercial went beyond the product to highlight the human experience.

The creators used several clever combinations to represent the black liquid topped with creamy white foam and create a nostalgic feel to welcome people back to pubs and tap into their target audience.

They also pledged to invest over $30 million into UK pubs and hospitality businesses that were affected by the pandemic through its Raising the Bar program.

How to Draw Inspiration

Market to your best customers. You can use your point of sale (POS) system to look at purchase histories and see what your customers buy, when they buy it, and how much they spend. You can then create campaigns around bestsellers, and offer promotions and discounts to keep customers returning.

2. Sacrifice - Modelo

Modelo, a famous Mexican beer brand founded in 1925, creates engaging marketing campaigns celebrating its heritage and emphasizing its unique flavor profile. In 2016, they launched a campaign built around the idea of the “fighting spirit.”

This advert includes the fighting spirit idea but pays homage to the often forgotten, fallen game day beers eagerly consumed by their target audience: superfans. They offer a different perspective on spilling beer, reminding consumers that every drop is worthwhile.

Using the tagline, “Built for fans, built for fighting spirit,” they speak directly to the experience of consuming Modelo.

How to Draw Inspiration

Does your store get big game-day crowds? Perhaps offer discounts or BOGO (buy one, get one free) offers on beer brands like Modelo on game day. You can also use mix and match pricing features on your POS system to create bundles and pair alcohol with snacks and other products.

What other local events could you sponsor or set up stalls for? Can you support local sports teams? Go into your community and become the local liquor store of choice.

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3. #DoWhatMovesYou - Bacardi

The concept of this marketing campaign is a reminder that wherever you are, you can quickly turn your activities into a party with a glass of Bacardi. The song is upbeat and catchy and helps produce a summer vibe.

Using music and dancing as an escape from the shackles of everyday life, the ad is a reminder that not everything has to be serious and that it's good to let go. They also pair the product with summer activities like going to the beach and traveling, reminding consumers that good times are on the way.

According to the team behind the ad, “Every summer is an opportunity to share the warm, contagious Caribbean energy that Bacardí exudes, and we understand that this summer may be especially coveted by those looking to get back out into the world and come together again with friends.”

How to Draw Inspiration

Seasonal promotions are always a great play to entice customers. For example, you could celebrate spring by offering discounts on light and refreshing beverages such as crisp white wines, rosés, and fruity-flavored beers and ciders. Cocktail recipes and spritzes infused with floral flavors are ideal for spring parties.

4.  “To Firsts That Last”- Kopparberg  

Kopparberg's marketing approach often centers around themes of adventure, social connections, and embracing unique experiences, focusing on targeting young adults and millennials.

The concept of this campaign takes a similar approach, highlighting the joys of first experiences, such as attending your first festival and never taking off the wristband. It asks where consumers were when they first tasted Kopparberg cider.

Music and old-style footage of sports events and gatherings create nostalgia and capture a timeless atmosphere, which drinking Kopparberg can also produce. The film tracks the High Five from its origin in a 1970s baseball game — an actual first that has lasted.

Kopparberg was the first fruit cider to hit shelves 15 years ago. Another first that’s so far lasted the test of time and a more competitive market.

How to Draw Inspiration

Create nostalgia and stir up emotions with your store signage, displays, and promotions. Use special occasions as inspiration. For example, you could promote a specific brand of wine as ‘The wine for every occasion.’ Or you could be more specific, ‘The perfect ready-to-drink cocktail for Mother’s Day. Mixed to perfection.’

“Growing The Apple Cider By Miles, Not Inches” - Inch’s Cider, Heineken 

The success of Heineken’s marketing campaign is centered around a sustainable business ethos. Famous for its beer, Heineken branched out and launched Inch’s Cider, championing sustainability and innovation.

The marketing campaign emphasized using local ingredients and the brand's commitment to supporting British apple growers. Heineken UK focused on environmentally friendly practices and sustainability, ensuring that Inch's Cider was produced with minimal waste and a reduced carbon footprint.

The "Growing The Apple Cider By Miles, Not Inches" campaign aimed to establish Inch's Cider as a strong contender in the cider market by focusing on its unique selling points.

How to Draw Inspiration

What’s important to your local customers and the wider community? If sustainability is important, you could offer branded, reusable tote bags instead of plastic. It helps market your liquor store and shows that you’re part of the effort to stop using plastic.

Maybe people in your area like to shop in local stores instead of chain stores. Work with local breweries, form strategic partnerships, and advertise your efforts at local events. When you integrate your liquor store into the local community, you can stand out from the competition.

Shaking Up the Industry: 2022’s Game-Changing Alcohol Marketing Campaigns 

The best campaigns of 2022 are creative and compelling, demonstrating a keen understanding of the target audience, the industry landscape, and the social and cultural trends of the moment. And you can do the same.

You just need to tap into your local demographic and see the world through their eyes. Keeping your finger on the pulse of your local community will help your store become the liquor store of choice. Remember to prioritize responsibility, legality, and social awareness when promoting alcoholic products.

A robust point of sale system can help execute your marketing strategy. Bottle POS, for example, comes with features such as SMS marketing that work seamlessly with the built-in customer loyalty program. But that’s not all:

  • Utilize sales and customer behavior data to identify your target audience and create targeted advertising campaigns.
  • Use data in-store by tracking the performance of product placement efforts, identifying which placements drive the most sales, and adjusting your strategies accordingly.
  • Offer liquor promotions and deals like buy one, get one free (BOGO) and two-for-one offers, and manage it all through your POS system.

And more! But rather than take our word for it, why not see it in action? Schedule a demo with our liquor store experts today and see for yourself!

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