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What's the Best POS for Liquor Store Promotions?

Looking for the best promotional point of sale (POS) system for your liquor store? There’s a lot to consider.

From SMS and email marketing to built-in customer loyalty programs to e-commerce integrations, you want a POS solution that allows your small business to have it all. 

That’s where we come in. Read on for our ranking of the top three best POS systems for liquor store promotions, complete with software overviews and feature highlights. 

1. Bottle POS

This liquor POS system operates off of the mantra that the best customer is a return customer. Its marketing feature offerings are comprehensive, from SMS and email marketing to customer webstore integrations to baked-in customer loyalty programs

At the base of Bottle POS’ great feature offers is its comprehensive reporting system — day reports and sales reports are all intuitive and easy to read, making analysis simple. For example, Bottle POS’ reports auto-rank all your items on an A to D grading scale, and color-codes them based on sales patterns. Then, its promotional software assists you in analyzing the data to create new, relevant marketing pushes. 

Bottle POS is known for its SMS marketing offerings that integrate seamlessly with its customer loyalty program. In a unique turn, it also offers Google search marketing through its free integration with Pointy. Its out-of-the-box, built-in customer loyalty and rewards features are particularly notable, encompassing tried-and-true techniques from mix and match promos to BOGO opportunities. 


2. POS Nation for Liquor

POS Nation is a reputable and well-known POS provider that offers software tailored to multiple industries. Its liquor store promotion features include customer tracking, reward and loyalty programs, and sales and marketing perks

We’ll start with POS Nation’s built-in customer tracking: It uses POS-compiled and analyzed purchasing data to identify what makes customers happy, and what makes them less likely to return to your store, enabling you to provide better customer service.

Its rewards and loyalty programs offer the ability to analyze purchase patterns among regular customers, which, combined with its built-in customer loyalty functions, creates a rewards program that keeps customers coming back for more — and turns new customers into regulars. POS Nation’s loyalty card program is a prime example: Fast and easy, its software creates multiple levels of achievement within a loyalty plan so customers can aim for bigger rewards, prompting them to spend more money at your business. 


3. Lightspeed 

Lightspeed’s marketing program revolves around the slogan, “Sell Everywhere.” They allow you to easily build a new e-commerce website (or integrate an existing one), sell across major social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and leverage the power of online marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay, and Google Shopping. 

Lightspeed’s online marketing master dashboard allows you to advertise on media platforms like Facebook and Google by deploying automated product ads and advanced targeting, allowing you to capitalize upon built-in SEO tools to drive more traffic to your store. 

Lightspeed, as the name suggests, is all about efficiency. By offering prebuilt templates for marketing emails, forms, and landing pages, as well as a drag and drop email and SMS design builder, it will save you time and allow you to launch your loyalty initiatives, even on a hyper-accelerated deadline. 


Product, Promotions, and the Best POS for Liquor Stores

Above, we’ve highlighted the top three POS options in the liquor store promotion space. Between these choices, we’ve got some pretty cool features: SMS marketing, prebuilt templates, customer tracking, and promotional ideas from loyalty cards to the classic BOGO. Ultimately though, only one option provides all the marketing features that a small business needs, in a package that is easy to integrate and intuitive to use. 

Bottle POS, built by liquor store owners, for liquor store owners, covers all your marketing needs, encourages existing customers to come back for more, and brings new customers to your business in droves. Schedule a demo today to take your marketing to the next level.