Liquor Store POS Feature: Auto Invoicing

Close the loop on inventory control. Auto invoicing saves liquor store owners hours of manual data entry every week. When inventory arrives at the store, the invoice is automatically imported and stock levels are updated. You just have to review and finalize.

See It In Action

Our system can directly integrate with your vendors so your inventory is automatically updated every time you receive and approve an order.



Liquor store owners know first hand the hours of manual work that go into entering new inventory deliveries — and reconciling vendor payments. With auto-invoicing, there’s a better way.

Our software integrates with your suppliers — which means the invoices will be automatically added to the RECEIVE section in the ADMIN panel.

Once the invoice is in the RECEIVE section, it’s up to you to verify and finalize it.

To finalize an invoice, start by logging in to your online admin panel.

Click on ITEMS, and then click on RECEIVE. Here you can see all of the invoices uploaded by your suppliers.

Let’s sort the invoices by the FINALIZE column.

Click on the two arrows to sort by YES or NO.

NO means that the invoice is new or has not been finalized.

YES means the invoice has been finalized.
To open an invoice, click on the pencil icon. You can sort the MARGIN CHANGE column to show the new products in the list.

In the COST PER BOTTLE column, you can see any increase or decrease in cost.

If the cost has decreased, this will show a positive impact on the margin.

The term NEW means that the product is not available in the inventory, or the barcode of this item has been changed.

If the item is new to inventory, click on the PLUS button.

This will open the ADD ITEM window where you can categorize the item, select the size, and set units per case.

When you’re finished, click on the SAVE button.

If the item is an existing item, but it is shown as NEW because of barcode change, you can click on the chain link icon to link the product to the existing item.

When you click on the chain link, a small window will pop up to link the item.

In this box, you can start typing a product name, which will populate a drop-down menu of the same or similar items.

Once you find the item you’re looking for, click on it, and then click the LINK button.

If you’re sure you want to link the item, click on YES.

In another scenario, maybe you have received a different product that is listed in the invoice.

Click on the SWITCH icon on the invoice, which is two small arrows pointing left and right.

Just like the link feature, a drop-down will populate, and you can select which item you want to switch it for.

Next up, verify the margin of the rest of the items, and change the unit per case and price accordingly.

Let’s sort by MARGIN CHANGE to see the items with low and high margins.

Sorting by the margin column is the fastest way to catch mistakes.

These ensure that the UNIT PER CASE and RECEIVED BOTTLES are accurate for those items.

You can also update the price of any item from the list view.

This will only need to be a one-time change, and next time, the items will appear with the correct unit per case.

Finally, verify the confidence level and finalize the invoice.

The confidence should be at 100 percent.

If it’s not, there may be an item with a margin of less than 5 percent or greater than 75 percent.

In some scenarios, the confidence may not be 100 percent — but as long as you have verified that the products are accurate, you can continue.

When you’re ready, click on the FINALIZE button to commit and update all of the items.

After the invoice is finalized, it cannot be changed — so please be sure to review the entire invoice before clicking on the FINALIZE button.

As you finalize each invoice the system will learn and accuracy will increase after the first couple of weeks.

Auto Invoicing

Bottle POS improves purchase orders, invoicing, and inventory management through automation and integration with your distributors.

So how does auto invoicing technically work?

Bottle POS directly integrates with thousands of alcohol distributors. When the delivery driver drops off an order, the invoice is approved by the store. This approval triggers the distributor to push the invoice into Bottle POS as a purchase order. The store owner can then receive the invoice and have the inventory automatically updated with the correct pricing. Bottle POS will also pay the invoice on behalf of the store automatically.

How much does Bottle POS auto invoicing cost?

This feature can be included with Bottle POS software for a one-time $200 set up fee, and then just $40/month. The time savings and benefit of accurate inventory count makes this one of our most popular, ROI-positive features.

Schedule a demo to learn about other liquor store specific features that are a part of our point of sale solution.

How do I know if my store could benefit from auto invoicing?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you ever issue POs when you chat with your reps or via text? 
  • Have you ever forgotten to manually create a PO after placing an order?
  • Are you looking for a system that will automatically update when you receive deliveries?
  • Are you or your employees spending time manually issues POs or updating inventory when it's received?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, auto invoicing is for you!